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Cedric Benson pays fines for dog attack, traffic infractions

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MANITOWOC, Wis. -- Green Bay Packers running back Cedric Benson has paid fines for three citations in eastern Wisconsin.

The Manitowoc County clerk of courts office says Benson paid a $200 animal at-large citation for an incident last month in which someone complained his two Rottweilers were running loose.

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He also paid more than $650 for speeding and driving without a valid license citations for another January incident. He was accused of driving 41 mph over the speed limit.

WLUK-TV reports Benson still faces another animal-at-large citation. That citation says Benson's Rottweilers attacked 17 calves at his neighbor's farm in Maribel in December. A sheriff's department report says the dogs chewed on the calves' legs and that several suffered deep wounds.

The report says Benson told deputies he had put up a fence to contain the dogs, but they managed to escape.

That case is scheduled for court on Wednesday.

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