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Valentine's Day right time to ponder best NFL matches

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Hear about the tumultuous 2012 season of the New York Jets from former general manager Mike Tannenbaum today on "NFL AM"; plus, Kyle Long, son of former Oakland Raiders star Howie Long and brother of St. Louis Rams defensive lineman Chris Long, joins us in studio to talk about next week's 2013 NFL Scouting Combine. Tune into NFL Network at 6 a.m. ET for all the latest NFL news.

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Here's what else is on tap for Thursday:

» In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we're playing NFL matchmaker. Perusing the unofficial list of free agents, and considering players likely available on the trade market, our NFL experts each nominate the one match of player and team they would like to see most.

» Adam Schein identifies nine underrated free agents in The Schein Nine.

» NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock gives his thoughts on this year's crop of players heading to Indianapolis for next week's 2013 NFL Scouting Combine on the latest Rich Eisen Podcast.

» Once a guarded mystery, the NFL Scouting Combine has emerged as a major football media event. NFL Films gives you an inside look.

» Daniel Jeremiah looks at the deepest positions in the 2013 NFL Draft.

» NFL Evolution reports that Tennessee Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is involved in a device developers hope will help diagnose head injuries.

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» Peyton Manning and Champ Bailey are in the twilight of their Hall of Fame careers. In the latest Offseason Forecast, Chris Wesseling says there's a sense of urgency for the Denver Broncos to go the distance in 2013. Check out our Offseason Forecast page to see what the Steelers and 31 other NFL clubs need to focus on in 2013.

» Albert Breer looks at an offseason of great uncertainty in Pittsburgh, where the Steelers missed the playoffs in 2012 and suffered the added indignity of watching their division rivals win the Super Bowl.

» Happy birthday to former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, who turns 53 on Thursday, and to former New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who turns 41.

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