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Jason Hanson thinking of returning to Detroit Lions


Most men aren't thinking about playing pro football at age 42, but most men aren't Jason Hanson.

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The age-old Lions kicker is contemplating the possibility of a 22nd season in Detroit on the heels of another solid outing in 2012. Hanson's 32 field goals in 36 attempts netted an 88.9 percent conversion rate, which tops his career average of 82.4 percent. This is not a man in decline.

"I think just taking some time just to make sure that I am determined to come back," Hanson told the Detroit Free Press at the end of the season. "I know this, I don't want to fade away. I might. But as long as I feel that I'm ready to try to be the best and come back and be as good as ever, then I'm in."

Lions general manager Martin Mayhew recently expressed optimism about bringing Hanson back for 2013, especially considering the kicker doesn't seem fixated on greenbacks.

"I'm not worried about the salary, really. Did that just get printed?" Hanson said. "They know that. Me coming back won't be salary-related, other than if my minimum is less than if they're just going to get a rookie."

For a Lions team with plenty of questions, Hanson remains a known quantity. Outside of the plant-foot injury he battled through last season, Hanson was every bit the player he's been for two-plus decades. The Lions sound open to his return.

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