John Dorsey mum about Kansas City Chiefs' plans at QB

We all know the biggest question with the Kansas City Chiefs involves their quarterback situation. The 2012 NFL Draft worked out well for the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins, with both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III available. Things don't sit as pretty for the Chiefs with their top pick in 2013.

Chiefs general manager John Dorsey was asked about the possibility of taking a quarterback with the top pick while appearing on "NFL AM" on Wednesday.

"You may think I'm dodging the answer, but we truly aren't going to get to the quarterbacks in our draft meeting, look at them entirely until Friday and Saturday of this week, so I can't really give you a concrete answer on that," Dorsey said.

Dorsey did duck a little, but he's not going to tip his hand at this point. They desperately need a quarterback -- that's no secret. But this draft doesn't have any can't-miss prospects like Luck, Griffin or Cam Newton. West Virginia's Geno Smith and USC's Matt Barkley don't have those kind of resumes.

Could the Chiefs be stuck with Matt Cassel -- for another season? (The Chiefs are 19-28 in four years with Cassel.)

"I think Matt Cassel has demonstrated the skill to play in the National Football League," Dorsey said.

That's not exactly a ringing endorsement.

It's just a bad-luck scenario for the Chiefs. They have a need at the most prominent position and have the No. 1 overall pick, but in a draft without a quarterback deserving of that slot. Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore is the top free agent not counting the Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco. Michael Vick won't be joining Andy Reid. Alex Smith could be available via trade with the San Francisco 49ers.

Either way, this isn't a good offseason to be in need of a new quarterback, and Dorsey knows it.

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