Ray Edwards knocks out opponent on phantom punch

  • By Kevin Patra NFL.com
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When the first thing you get asked at work in the morning is, "Have you seen the Ray Edwards boxing video?" it's something that needs to be passed along.

On Saturday, Edwards, who was released by the Atlanta Falcons in November after recording 33 sacks in seven NFL seasons with the Falcons and Minnesota Vikings, fought a short, flabby-looking bald man, who appears more like an accountant than a boxer in West Fargo, N.D.

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Well, defining it as a fight is generous. Based on the cell phone footage of the bout, it was more flop than fight. Edwards throws a ferocious uppercut that misses by about a foot. The breeze from the punch seems to knock his opponent over, as he immediately flops to the mat WWE-style.

While we have the benefit of watching it over and over and over (and over) again, even the ringside fans saw it as an obvious flop.

Suffice it to say Ray Edwards' boxing career isn't going over any better than his attempt at modeling.

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