NFL to conduct investigation of Super Bowl crashers


A ticket to the Super Bowl is one of the most prized possessions you can have as a sports fan. But what if you didn't need a ticket to get in?

Two purported students at Savannah State University posted a YouTube video in which they get in to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for Super Bowl XLVII apparently without a ticket. The video shows how the two students drive to New Orleans and then get into the stadium by passing through a series of tunnels, passageways and unsuspecting or helpful security guards.

(The most clever part: A door is opened when the students appear to be bringing in equipment to the stadium.)

"NFL security is conducting a review and following up with the appropriate authorities in New Orleans," spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement released to USA Today.

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The students promise a "full-length" follow-up documentary with more footage. It's hard to imagine that being worth watching since the initial, grainy seven-minute video is tough to sit through outside of the tasteful Jay-Z soundtrack.

Still, the issue of security is a serious one for the NFL. If you can sneak into the Super Bowl, what can't you sneak into?

Gatecrashers have existed for as long as sports have been around, but we didn't have videos to prove the crashing in the past.

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