Packers cheerleader fights cyberbullying Bears fans


A 2012 Green Bay Packers cheerleader fought back against Facebook after a picture of her was uploaded to the Chicago Bears Fan page earlier this week.

The photo came with a caption, "Like if you agree the Packers have the worst cheerleaders in the NFL."

As of Thursday morning, the photo of Kaitlyn Collins had over 3,500 likes and more than 640 comments, including one that read, "Doesn't get uglier. Truly an eyesore." According to a YouTube video posted by Collins, most of the vulgar and sexually-related comments were too horrible to repeat but had the same theme: "Ugly."

"This is bullying in its newest form: cyber-bullying," Collins notes in the video.

Although Facebook determined that the photo does not meet its qualifications for bullying, the Chicago Bears Fan page finally relented to outside pressure Thursday afternoon. In place of the photo is a message insisting the page does not condone or encourage bullying.

The episode did produce one positive note for Collins. Mixed in with the tasteless barbs were encouraging sentiments from Packers and Bears fans alike. What's more, Collins' network of family and friends have buoyed her spirits by appreciating her beauty. They are right, of course. The video posted by Collins shows a beautiful young woman with the strength to rise above an ugly situation unexpectedly imposed on her life.

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