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Joe Flacco contract an absolute certainty, agent says


The more we hear from Joe Flacco's agent, the clearer it becomes the quarterback's camp is aiming to break the bank in working out a new contract with the Baltimore Ravens.

Joe Linta said Tuesday that his client should be the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, and reiterated those comments Wednesday on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

"Well, is he gonna be? I don't know. Should he be? Absolutely," Linta said.

Linta praised the Ravens' front office as "pros," and downplayed the notion of a pending conflict with the team, but when asked about a target number for Flacco, he pointed to Peyton Manning's five-year, $96 million contract with the Denver Broncos, which includes $18 million guaranteed.

"(Flacco's) a guy who's pretty darn good in the first five years of his career, and has 11 more years to get to Peyton Manning, yet some of his accomplishments already match Peyton in terms of wins, playoff wins, Super Bowl wins and those kinds of things," Linta said.

Some of Flacco's accomplishments fall far short Peyton's, of course, but Linta believes a deal can be struck by March for his Super Bowl-winning client.

"Yeah, absolutely," he said. "Like I said, this is not -- we're not bringing troops home from Afghanistan here. You know what the market is, you know what the guy's just done."

The Ravens find themselves in a bind. Unable to reach what would have been a much more affordable deal for Baltimore last summer, Linta continues to bang the drum on making Flacco the richest player in NFL history. This could get interesting.

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