Valentine's Day matches for NFL free agents

Valentine's Day is next week, and there are a number of NFL free agents and players on the trading block eager to start a new (and hopefully lucrative) long-term relationship with another team. Here are five dream pairings for some of these players and the long-term soulmate they are seeking. Even TMZ would want to get scandalous photos of these potential lovebirds.

Greg Jennings to the Miami Dolphins

Jennings has been active in his quest for a new love interest after his mostly amicable (future) breakup with the Green Bay Packers. The Dolphins are a hot commodity for Jennings since their head coach is Jennings' former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. Looks like Jennings is hoping to rekindle an old flame this offseason.

Ed Reed to the Baltimore Ravens

This pairing isn't so much about finding new love, but about renewing old vows. The Ravens are losing emotional and defensive leader Ray Lewis to retirement. If they want to keep their young players in line and avoid a broken home feeling with the lack of a clear leader on defense, resigning Ed Reed is key.

Mike Wallace to the Cincinnati Bengals

Embittered with his lack of targets and a big-time contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Wallace could go the revenge-relationship route and sign with the divisional rival Bengals. Wallace's speed and A.J. Green's all-around awesomeness could be a devastating combo for opposing defenses. And let's not forget Wallace would be able to flaunt his hot new fling twice a year against his former team.

Tim Tebow to the New England Patriots

The lone non-free agent on this list, poor Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets and it now appears they intend to trade him this offseason. While most analysts/scouts/pundits agree Tebow's career as a quarterback is likely over, the guy still has a unique set of skills. And if there were ever a set of creative offensive minds in the NFL to utilize said skills, it would be the combination of Josh McDaniels (who drafted Tebow in Denver) and Bill Belichick. As if teams weren't frustrated enough with game planning for Tom Brady, they would also have the added element of Tebow as Belichick's offensive Swiss army knife.

Anthony Spencer to the Indianapolis Colts

Spencer proved his worth yet again for the Dallas Cowboys after being franchise tagged last season, and will now be looking to cash in with a future beau for the long run. With Dwight Freeney likely leaving the Indianapolis Colts, Spencer would be a great fit for Chuck Pagano's 3-4 defense to help add more flash and disruption on the defensive side. The Colts also should have the cap room to get a contract done. Spencer would immediately improve the Colts' defense, and help Andrew Luck and company vie for a second straight postseason appearance.