Matt Birk plans to 'milk' Super Bowl, unlikely to retire


Baltimore Ravens veteran center Matt Birk thought he would retire after each of the previous five seasons, but he's having too much fun to walk away from the game.

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Birk isn't planning on making any final decisions on retirement for at least a couple of weeks, but his postgame comments from Super Bowl XLVII strongly suggest the 37-year-old will return for another season.

Asked by Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole if he's ready to hang up the spikes, Birk quipped, "You can milk this Super Bowl thing for a couple of years. I have six kids to put through college."

Although the Ravens drafted Birk's successor, Gino Gradkowski, in the fourth round last year, head coach John Harbaugh doesn't sound ready for a changing of the guard.

"I'm not sure about Matt's plans, and if he decides to come back next year, that'd be awesome," Harbaugh said. "To my eye, he is playing the best football that he's played since he's been here. ... To have that be true at the end of a 24-game season is very impressive."

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