NFL Network's Warren Sapp thrilled to be in Hall of Fame

  • By Khalil Garriott
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It didn't take long for Warren Sapp to earn a spot in Canton.

In his first year eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Sapp was one of seven players who earned spots among the game's all-time immortals.

Sapp, an imposing defensive lineman turned NFL Network analyst, said he couldn't believe the honor bestowed upon him on Saturday night.

"My feet haven't touched the ground in about 30 minutes," he said. "This is unbelievable. We play the ultimate team sport, and this is the ultimate examination of an individual. When you're standing on the 50-yard line, it's a pretty daunting task, but the 11 that are going to come along with you are going to do it. There's nothing I can do without my other teammates."

With 96.5 career sacks and a Super Bowl ring, Sapp was the cream of the crop at his position. It's likely he'll be on cloud nine for a long time to come after earning the ultimate honor.

"As the baby of six, I always said they saved the best for last, but they could have done me a little better than that," Sapp said of being the last name called for induction. "That was hurtful. That was scary.

"I am happy to be standing here. Marshall (Faulk) said it was heaven. Where are my wings at? I want to fly."

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