John Harbaugh: Ravens' final practice an 'A++'


NEW ORLEANS -- The Harbaugh brothers never stop competing, even when talking up their practices.

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has spent Super Bowl week taking about his team's near perfect practices. As the Ravens wrapped up their serious on-field work on Friday, John Harbaugh tried to top him.

"It was an A-plus. A-plus-plus," Harbaugh told Peter King on Friday in the official Baltimore Ravens pool report. "We're at the stage where we're clicking on all cylinders and practicing very, very well. We've had a few assignment errors, but they've been corrected right away. I'm very pleased with how the week has gone."

The Ravens have a short walk-through on Saturday, but that's a light session traditionally attended by many family members. This was the last real practice of the season, and the Ravens remain exceedingly healthy. Their entire 53-man roster practiced fully once again.

Ray Lewis' final practice included some musical accompaniment. Nelly's "Hot in Here," which plays when Lewis is introduced, played over the sound system during the session. Otherwise, King says it looked like a normal Friday practice.

All we have left is a little game that will change the lives of everyone involved.

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