Fresh off the wire

DeSean Jackson is very excited about Chip Kelly


DeSean Jackson expects big things from new Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly. After watching Kelly lay waste to the Pac-12 for a while, the Eagles wide receiver expects more of the same at the pro level.

Jackson told the guys at Kelly would be "going to make defensive coordinators crazy."

Jackson's goals are modest. He's hoping to touch the ball 15 to 20 times per game with roughly three to five touchdowns per contest.

San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman also spoke with Around the League about Kelly's transition to the NFL earlier this week.

"I'm sure it will be interesting," Roman said. "I think it will work to a certain extent. I've coached in the Pac-12. I've coached in the NFL. It's different. It's just different for a lot of reasons. You've got to be able to adapt week to week and from college to pro. I believe he'll be able to make the right decisions and adapt.

I tend to expect the same thing. In time, Kelly should make defensive coordinators crazy. He's just not going to do it in the same way that he did it at Oregon.

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