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Tales of Jim and John Harbaugh's camping trip


NEW ORLEANS -- The Harbaugh brothers weren't in the mood to dish on their childhoods during Friday's joint news conference, but we managed to glean information out of another member of the clan.

Bob Cipiti, Jim and John's uncle, told me of a camping trip into the wilderness gone very wrong when the Harbaugh boys were young.

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"We were going to go fishing," Cipiti said. "They were in Ann Arbor then, and I picked them up. We went a couple hours north of Michigan to some lake, set the camper up, and we're ready to go fishing.

"Well, Jim didn't want to go. He wanted to stay in the camper and we had a little TV set there we had plugged in. It probably only got two channels, and he just wanted to stay in and relax. Well John and I went fishing. Came back two hours later -- and Jim had eaten all the food. It was all gone. So John and I had to go out and buy more food for the rest of weekend."

If Uncle Bob is still upset about Jim plowing through the rations, he hid it well. If John's still up in arms, he'll have a chance to even the score on Sunday.

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