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Jim Harbaugh's son helping Ravens prepare for Sunday


NEW ORLEANS -- Jim Harbaugh was predictably tight-lipped during Friday's joint news conference with his brother, John, but the San Francisco 49ers coach showed a hint of emotion discussing his oldest son's role in Super Bowl XLVII.

Jay Harbaugh works as an intern on John's Baltimore Ravens staff, meaning he's laboring to help his uncle beat his father.

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"I'm really, really thankful and proud at the same time that Jay is doing what he loves to do," Jim said. "That's a real blessing and he's doing it with the Baltimore Ravens, with a tremendous organization and great coaches around to mentor and to teach him, and especially John being there and hiring him, and I hear he's doing a phenomenal job, which, again, I'm really proud of."

Young Jay finds himself in a strange spot, but Jim said he's resisted the temptation to chat up his offspring for inside information.

"This week, you know, I haven't been talking to him or calling him or anything," Jim said. "Sent him a few texts just to tell him how I feel about him. ... I've heard he's done a great job and that means the world."

"I couldn't fathom even considering not being all in with the team that I'm a part of," Jay told told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. "Any true competitor feels the exact same way. You have to be totally all in with your team, sold on the vision. Otherwise, there's no point. No point to being a part of it, putting in all the time that you do and making the sacrifices. ... In some alternate universe, if I was conflicted, it would just confuse my dad. It would confuse any true competitor because you can't reconcile those things in your head. If you're all in, you're all in. There's no wavering there. It's an all-or-nothing proposition for that whole week."

So it's two Harbaughs against one on Sunday, and John seems pleased to have the advantage in this area.

"The way we look at it, you talk about the philosophical difference or whatever, maybe that will tip the scale," John said. "Maybe that will be our edge -- you know, it will be Jay."

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