Adrian Peterson: I'll be disappointed if I'm not the MVP


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson believes he's the NFL MVP. But he's been down this road before.

"I will be a little disappointed (if I don't win)," Peterson said on NFL Network's "NFL AM."

"I feel like I put in a good body of work this season coming off the injury. And what I've done to help my team, to be in the position. I kind of revert back to my freshman year, I felt like I got robbed out of the Heisman Trophy. I led the league and didn't win the Doak Walker award. I know sometimes it's higher up. We'll see what happens.

"Whether I win it or not, I feel like I am, inside, I'm the MVP."

Peterson should have won the Heisman when he was the runner-up to Matt Leinart in 2004. And he should be the MVP in 2012. He carried a Vikings team that had the No. 31 pass offense and won three games in 2011 to the playoffs in 2012. Oh, and there's those 2,097 rushing yards that were second-most in NFL history.

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In a passing league that has devalued running backs, Peterson is one of the few workhorse backs. In his opinion, the run game remains critical to winning.

"I don't think it's coming to an end at all," Peterson said. "Running backs now -- me, the Ray Rices, Arian Fosters, I feel like we're setting the stage to let guys know, we're here and we're here to stay. It is definitely becoming a more quarterback-driven league, but we're going to keep us alive, I promise you that."

If we learned anything from the 2012 season, it's to never doubt Adrian Peterson.

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