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Scott Pioli hasn't made sense of Jovan Belcher tragedy


Almost two months ago, Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend before driving to the Kansas City Chiefs' facility, where he took his own life in front of then-general Scott Pioli and former coach Romeo Crennel. Pioli continues to try to make sense of it all, telling Dan Patrick that he needed professional help after the incident.

"Yeah, it was awful, especially someone that you really care about and someone that you know," Pioli said Tuesday on "The Dan Patrick Show", as transcribed by "Dan, it was so much more complicated than that because it was more than a suicide. There was the act that took place before.

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"It was, it's one of those things, surreal doesn't even do it justice, the word surreal, to try to characterize it. It was unlike anything I've ever been through."

This was first time Pioli has spoken publicly about that grim day, a day he might never get over.

"The truth is I haven't made sense of it," Pioli said. "I don't know if any one of us that were there will ever make sense of it. Here's the reality: Every human being, I don't care who you are, have these deep dark places and you don't know, even those you're most intimate with, there's something you don't know. Clearly there was something with Jovan that none of us knew."

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