Cleveland Browns' Ray Horton hoped to be head coach


The introductory news conference for Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton had a different tone than most.

He expressed excitement for his new gig, but didn't hide his disappointment at not getting a head-coaching job. His best shot seemed to be with the Arizona Cardinals, for whom he was defensive coordinator. But the Cardinals hired former Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.

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"I had hoped (to be head coach)," Horton said, according to Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer. "I can't control that. Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I excited to be here? Yes."

Horton was asked about the fact that no minorities were hired for the eight NFL openings.

"Not disappointed for minorities, I'm disappointed for Ray Horton," he said.

From there, Horton and Browns coach Rob Chudzinski described implementing a multi-front 3-4 defense. Chudzinski said he studied the Cardinals' defense, and wants to use the same scheme in Cleveland. Horton believes the necessary personnel is already on the roster.

"I want big men that can run and little men that can hit ... aggressive, attacking multi-front defense," Horton said. "I've got a perfect mix here of big guys that run and little guys that hit."

Horton can't be expected to not answer the job question honestly. If he's ticked about how things ended with the Cardinals -- it is what it is. But Horton's words can be interpreted as someone who has one foot out the door before he's fully walked in. Hopefully, for Browns fans, he'll move on from the previous ordeal.

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