Ndamukong Suh reportedly helps save Louie Anderson

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It reads like a bad joke: So Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh, comedian Louie Anderson and Olympic diver Greg Louganis are on a television show ...

From NFLShop.com:
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But it's not a joke, and Anderson wasn't laughing. TMZ.com reported that the Lions defensive tackle saved Anderson after he nearly sank to the bottom of a pool. The pair shot an ABC television series called "Splash," featuring celebrities testing their skills in a diving competition.

Anderson, reportedly, was practicing when he was overcome by exhaustion and repeatedly failed to pull himself out of the pool. Suh and Louganis dragged him out and Anderson sat coughing up water for several moments. He's fine now and "feeling great, loving the challenge," according to Anderson's representative.

That's an interesting concept for a television show: celebrity diving. By the way, Anderson and Suh are not small men. Suh is listed at 305 pounds and Anderson, judging by the pictures, is in that vicinity.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz joked about his star defender participating in the show last week. The draw of the show, obviously, is to watch these guys make a fool of themselves smacking into the water. Little did we know that Suh would save a man's life.

Maybe that will help his reputation.

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