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John Harbaugh didn't get fashion sense from brother


NEW ORLEANS -- San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh rolled in to Monday's media session in a baseball cap and black sweatshirt. His brother John, the Baltimore Ravens coach, marched up to the podium in a crisply laundered suit.

Just another wrinkle in the heavily analyzed matchup pitting brother vs. brother in Super Bowl XLVII.

"The khakis and the fleece are new to Jim since he got to San Francisco, but it's a good look for him," John said. "He's shared with me that it cuts down on drag time in the morning. Fewer decisions to make. ... All coaches were pretty much in sweats anyway during the course of the season."

Back to the suit: "My wife picked this out," John said.

Our take: Jim's getup is reliable, low-maintenance, dangerously predictable. In the world of fashion, he's as varied as an action figure. Same thing every day. Something about it is freeing -- clothes horses are problematic.

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But John is no clothes horse. He earns points with his deft ability to mix-and-match coaches' gear with an outfit from the adult world.

It's Super Bowl week and we're blogging about fashion. My deepest apologies.

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