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Terrell Owens: Titus Young needs to 'know his role'

  • By Kevin Patra
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You know a situation is bad when Terrell Owens is a voice of reason.

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The former All-Pro receiver was in the Detroit area on Sunday as owner of a Professional Bowlers Association team -- yes, bowling teams can have owners -- and of course he was asked about Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young's bizarre situation.

T.O. said the young receiver needs to "know his role."

"He has to understand that Calvin (Johnson is) the No. 1 receiver, and being the No. 2 receiver, you have to go with the flow of the offense and when your time comes, make the plays," Owens said, via the Detroit News.

Whether Young understands the situation with Megatron is probably moot, because Young is probably done in Detroit. The question is if another team will be willing to give a chance to a player who has shown to have the maturity level on Twitter of a 14-year-old.

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