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Battle of the Harbaugh brothers: John vs. Jim


You might not be aware, but the two head coaches in the Super Bowl are related. Brothers, in fact. Oh wait, everybody knows that. And while many of you brace for "Harbowl" fatigue as we get stories about family pets, pee-wee football games and literal looks at the Harbaugh family scrapbook (they still have those, right?) there is one question which will remain unanswered.

Namely, who is the better brother? Now, we could wait until Sunday and use the Super Bowl as a guide. But it would be a lot more fun to take it to the grid.

And without further ado ...

Harbaugh: John Jim Give it to ...
Age: 50 49 Push
College: Miami of Ohio Michigan Jim
NFL playing experience: None NFL quarterback 1987-2001 Jim
Has he been sacked by Ray Lewis? Doubt it Yes John. Not only did Lewis sack Jim previous, Ray's first sack of his NFL career was the 49ers coach. Right?
Ring of honor: No Yes Jim. He is a member of the Indianapolis Colts ring of honor. I'm as surprised as you. It's like the Colts wanted to make their own legacy so they rushed Harbaugh up there thinking they would never get a better quarterback. Not sure if you can do a give-back on this.
Hired in: 2008 2010 Jim. Well, he's been to the Super Bowl quicker.
The guy the team really wanted: Jason Garrett Harbaugh Jim. That's right Ravens fans, you could have had Garrett as your coach. Sometimes the best hires are the ones you don't make. Or something like that.
Mentor: Jack Harbaugh Jack Harbaugh Push
All right smart guy, mentor not related to them: Andy Reid Bill Walsh Jim. Over the last nine months of Walsh's life, the two became very close.
Cam Cameron connection: Worked under him at Indiana, then hired Cam as team's offensive coordinator Cam was his QB coach at Michigan John. Because it sets up ...
Best call they made this season? Fired Cam Cameron Colin Kaepernick Jim. Seriously?
Best call in their coaching history: Calling for an onsides-kick against the Cowboys in 2000 Running up the score on USC while coach at Stanford Jim. The call in the "Pickle Juice" game was inspired. But running up the score gave us the "what's your deal?"
Record: 62-30 27-8-1 Jim
Is he the best coach in his team's history? Yes No John. With all due respect to Brian Billick, Harbaugh is the best Ravens coach of all-time.
IMDB credits: None "Saved by the Bell", "Arli$$", "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." Jim. Tour-de-force on "Saved by the Bell."
Can he climb a bell tower? Yes No John. You might want to read this story of how Jim got caught in a bell tower and John had to climb up and save him as a kid. Oh wait, I just kind of spoiled it for you.
Motto: "Where else would you rather be?" "Who has it better than us?" Push. Though, there seems to be some dispute if John's quote is truly an original.


Well, Jim Harbaugh takes the Gridiron Breakdown here. But you can't expect John to be too broken up about it. People have discounted the Ravens during this postseason and it's worked out for them.

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