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Super Bowl Superstitions: Stock Markets and Animal Calls

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As Super Bowl XLVII draws near, Wall Street pundits (and all Americans for that matter), can breathe a sigh of relief. According to the quite reliable Super Bowl stock market indicator, if a team from the original National Football League (pre-1970 merger) or the NFC wins the Super Bowl, the stock market will have a bull year. For those of you not keen on financial terminology, that means good things for the economy.

So why should we all be researching new flat screen TVs to buy? Because thankfully, this year is a win-win, as the 49ers reign from the NFC, and the Baltimore Ravens franchise originated as the Cleveland Browns in the pre-merger NFL.

Some remain skeptical of this indicator, but for those of us who like to believe there are some cosmic repercussions based on random acts in the world, it's time to start scouting TVs. Or jet skis. You know, everyday things.

We should all be grateful that we're in this situation this year, because Princess the camel made her selection for this year's champion, and it was the Baltimore Ravens. Had a different AFC team made the Super Bowl, we might be pinching pennies instead as we plan our Super Bowl parties. Why trust a camel with a Super Bowl prediction you might ask? She can't be as good as Paul the Octopus was, right? Well, she's been right six of the last seven years. So consider that as you get ready for what should be a highly entertaining Super Bowl.



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