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Ray Lewis focused on Super Bowl XLVII, not retirement


Ray Lewis has 60 minutes of football left in his professional career -- this after 17 years and 228 regular-season games. Regardless, the Baltimore Ravens linebacker said he's not thinking about the Super Bowl, not retirement.

"Honestly, outside of putting my head in the playbook and studying San Fran, I really haven't thought about anything else," Lewis told The Associated Press on Thursday. "It's going to be a great day, period, no matter what happens. And that's kind of the way I've approached it.

"I haven't even said, 'Oh man, this is your last game, what do you think?' I really haven't. Because I just really am keeping my teammates focused on the real prize."

We know Lewis doesn't get questioned much these days. He has earned this farewell party, but it's hard to believe Lewis hasn't thought about the end. He's asked about it every day, and his life will become completely different in 11 days.

"You feel that confetti drop, I'll probably reflect then, when I'm there," Lewis said. "But, it really hasn't crossed my mind like that."

Lewis is the only current Raven who was on the 2000 Super Bowl-winning team. It makes sense to set an example for teammates by staying focused on the only thing that matters. We understand what he's saying.

But no retirement thoughts? None at all? If that's the case, Lewis must be the most-singularly focused human on the planet.

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