Are Dave DeGuglielmo, New York Jets parting ways?


Renegade New York Jets offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo made waves in late November by proclaiming the decision to play former second-round draft pick Vladimir Ducasse was "a directive from high above me."

Two months later, the New York Daily News reported the outspoken DeGuglielmo is out of a job. However, Pro Football Talk later reported Thursday that the Jets have not made a decision about DeGuglielmo's status.

Openly hostile and at times downright unprofessional with the media, DeGuglielmo has created a trail of campfire stories for Jets beat reporters. During his introductory remarks last offseason, DeGuglielmo insisted he wasn't worried about the "ghosts of Bill Callahan." He then called Callahan to apologize.

At the same news conference, DeGuglielmo boldly backed failed right tackle Wayne Hunter. "Until they tell me otherwise, until they ship him out of this building or until they shoot me dead in my office," DeGuglielmo declared, "that son of a gun is going to be the starting right tackle and he's going to play well." Hunter promptly was traded to the St. Louis Rams before ever playing a down for his new position coach.

Once his offensive line came under fire late in the season, DeGuglielmo deflected the blame to the team's running backs and tight ends. "Have you ever heard, 'Boy, those tight ends didn't block well today? Those tight ends had a (expletive) year blocking?' " he said.

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Perhaps the most bizarre of DeGuglielmo's behavior was his threat to spit tobacco juice at reporters' feet in training camp. Months later, he chastised the same writers for not braving Superstorm Sandy during the bye week to interview him.

The local media might not have old DeGuglielmo to kick around anymore. While Rex Ryan remains at the helm, the offensive line guru might become the 10th Jets coach to depart through firings, defection or retirement since the end of a disappointing 6-10 season.

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