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Will any new tight end challenge the legacy of Tony Gonzalez?


Tony Gonzalez, after 16 seasons, is set to retire as one of the most decorated players -- arguably the best -- to ever play tight end. Will any of these young tight ends challenge his records?

Body of work? No one will come close. Hey, Jimmy Graham is only 11,260 yards behind. Think about that. That's 11 1,000-yard seasons, which, by the way, is 10 more than he has right now.

Gonzalez's greatest legacy is his durability. I believe Graham, of any of these tight ends, has a shot. Gifted and plays in a pass-happy offense with Drew Brees.

You say Graham hasn't been injured? The kid's played three seasons. Check out Antonio Gates. He didn't miss any significant time until his eighth season. He's only 6,000 yards behind Gonzalez.

Graham already came three receptions shy of tying Gonzo's single-season receptions record of 102. In three seasons, he has 25 touchdowns. Gonzo had 15.

Don't even bring up Gronkowski. Mr. Touchdown has 38 scores in three seasons. But again... so what? He's also started missing games.

He missed more this year -- at the ripe old age of 23 -- than Tony Gonzalez did in 16 seasons. Plus, whose records will Gronk be breaking after Tom Brady retires? Goodnight.

Word up to that. Gronk and Aaron Hernandez have been hurt and Brady's shelf life isn't long. That's why Graham is the dude. Same hoops background as Gonzo too. Records were made to be broken.



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