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Cedric Benson reportedly due in court for dog attack


From the only-in-Green-Bay file, we have an incident involving an NFL player, livestock and Rottweilers. (We'll give you a moment to read that back ...)

Packers running back Cedric Benson is due in court next month after his neighbors claimed his two Rottweilers (named Stack and Tina) attacked and bit 17 calves on their farm, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported.

A family member said the animals suffered "very deep wounds and possibly tendon damage." The police report included an evaluation from the veterinarian who examined the calves on Dec. 20. He "feels some may not make it through their injuries."

A local ordinance prohibits animals from running at large. Benson was charged with a second violation of the ordinance on Jan. 13 when neighbors complained of the dogs running through the neighborhood. Deputies reported Benson admitted to "having a hard time keeping them contained."

This shouldn't be a laughing matter. We know this. Property was damaged. Animals were injured. And there are few things scarier than random Rottweilers roaming the neighborhood.

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