Cam Cameron: I'm just a Baltimore Ravens fan now


The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens both made Super Bowl XLVII after dramatic in-season changes to their respective offenses. While Alex Smith remains with the 49ers as a backup quarterback, fired Ravens coordinator Cam Cameron can only watch on television now.

"No hard feelings," Cameron recently told Robert Klemko of USA Today. "I had a great, great five years. I respect the decision they made. That doesn't mean I have to like it."

It's hard to argue with the results. The Ravens' offense has been more effective and varied since Cameron was replaced by Jim Caldwell. Cameron can't help but root for the team that employed him for nearly five seasons.

"It's funny, you go from being an offensive coordinator to a fan in a split second," Cameron said. "People think that's hard to do, but for me, it's not hard. How can you not pull for Joe and Matt Birk and Torrey and Jacoby and Ray and Marshal and Dennis, and Ray Lewis?"

Cameron deserves credit for his attitude. He contributed a great deal to the Ravens' success over the past five years, but this has to be a devastating turn of events for him. It's unclear where or if he'll work next season. Meanwhile, the Ravens' offense took off without him.

Winning has a way of smoothing over hard feelings, though. We suspect Cameron would get a ring if the Ravens win on Super Bowl Sunday.

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