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More overrated: Peyton Manning or 'Homeland'?


The Showtime hit series "Homeland" had a near sweep at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, while Peyton Manning is still universally praised as the greatest quarterback in NFL history despite another first-round playoff loss.

Enough of this.

Never discuss politics and religion in polite conversation, or so the conventional wisdom goes. Expand this to include "Homeland" or Manning. Seriously, if you ever want to create an uncomfortable conversation at a dinner party or sports tavern point out plot holes in "Homeland" or the playoff failures (9-11) for Manning. Reason and rationality regress with these hot-button issues.

Because both are good, but neither are not the greatest. Here's the thing, is "Homeland" or Manning the most overrated? There is only one way to settle this, and that's to take them to the grid! (And really, I believe I've set this up rather well here in this introduction you've likely skipped past. So don't let that stop you from racing down to the comments section and say, "Why did you compare these two things?)

And without further ado ...

The overrated Peyton Manning "Homeland" Give it to ...
Awards: Four-time NFL MVP, presumed winner this year Golden Globes for best series, best actress, best actor Manning
Who should win/have won awards: Adrian Peterson Mandy Patinkin "Homeland"
For the money, I'd rather have: Andrew Luck "Episodes" Manning
Internet memes
Peyton Manning face

Crazy Carrie gifs
Manning. Hey, all she wants is a green pen.
Much better when: He played for the Colts The show was called "24" Push
Could use more help from: Champ Bailey A fact-checker for the series Push
Cliff hanger for next season: Will Peyton return for another season? Is Brody really a traitor and will he be back for another season? "Homeland"
Plot twist you didn't see coming: He lost to Joe Flacco Quinn grows a heart Manning
But why doesn't anybody ever acknowledge? All of those Manning INTs Cell phones aren't magic Push. I guess the narrative of Manning is so compelling to people, nobody wants to ruin the story. Same with "Homeland." But they have way too much faith in phones. First season, cell phone works in the vice-president's panic bunker. This year, cell phones his Blackberry can Skype! Of all the crazy things, the phones is what kills me.
Too much make believe: Trindon Holliday returns a punt and a kickoff for a touchdown Brody killed the Gettysburg tailor while he answered a phone call "Homeland." But as much as Bailey is being labeled a goat, Holliday is not getting the credit for nearly saving Manning's (expletive). That said, Brody is really going to take that call?
Famous fans: Matt Stone and Trey Parker President Obama and President Clinton Push
Not quite sure if they are a good guy or not: John Fox Saul "Homeland." Does anybody else find it convenient Saul was at the funeral for Abu Nazir when things got interesting? Hmmm.
Tortured relationship: Manning and Brady Carrie and Brody Manning
Brazilian on the outside of that relationship: Gisele Morena Baccarin Push. And yes, this was probably a stretch.
Whining family member who almost ruins my enjoyment: Tebow's brother Dana "Homeland"
Worst call by a superior: Took a knee at the end of regulation Estes doesn't believe Carrie in Season 1 "Homeland." I'm actually cool with the Broncos taking a knee. Why let Manning blow it for you at the end of regulation?
Bomb that turned things upside down: Flacco to Jacoby Jones Brody's SUV "Homeland"


Just like a playoff game, Manning started strong but faded at the end. "Homeland" wins.

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