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Philip Rivers: I 'feel great' about Mike McCoy as coach


As Mike McCoy digs his claws into the San Diego Chargers, the team's new head coach already has a known commodity under center.

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Quarterback Philip Rivers stands to benefit from McCoy, who turned Tim Tebow into a functional starter in 2011 and helped Peyton Manning produce a monstrous comeback campaign with the Denver Broncos in 2012.

"Of the potential candidates, I can honestly say this is the guy I was hoping for," Rivers told Marty Caswell of XEPRS-AM San Diego on Tuesday. "I feel great about it."

Rivers encountered a rocky road this season. His 26 touchdowns marked his lowest output since 2007, and his 15 interceptions often came at critical moments late in games for a Chargers team that missed the playoffs for the third straight season.

It doesn't hurt that San Diego is getting a guy who just spent the past year designing an offense for the 13-3 Broncos, kings of the AFC West.

Said Rivers: "I think it's a plus, certainly ... it's certainly a positive."

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