Bill Cowher: 'I have no plans on coaching' in NFL


It was only a few days ago that Bill Cowher told a reporter he planned to eventually return to coaching.

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Cowher's words picked up momentum, leading to a follow-up report that an NFL return wouldn't come for four or five years.

But when CBS NFL pregame host James Brown opened Saturday's telecast by asking Cowher about his future, the iron-jawed former Pittsburgh Steelers coach changed his story.

"Contrary to reports, I have no plans on coaching," Cowher said (via PFT). "I plan on being with one team. And that is this team here at CBS."

Oh, brother.

Let's remember Cowher is contradicting himself, not a report. This is what he said Tuesday:

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"It would be a challenge. But I think that's probably why I would get back into it, because of the challenge."

Now Cowher is saying his only team is CBS. It was probably the prudent move to ease any awkwardness around the water cooler, but that doesn't mean we should believe it.

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