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More tortured: Atlanta or Seattle?


Seattle and Atlanta are two of our finest cities in America, but two of the most tortured. Both have Super Bowl appearances; neither is memorable for good reasons.

And it's not just football, either. Seattle and Atlanta have carried a burden of near-misses and never-came-closes in its sports lineage.

But which city carries the heaviest burden? Well, there really is just one way to decide this. And that's to take them to the grid.

And without further ado ...

City: Atlanta Seattle Give it to ...
AKA: The ATL Emerald City Seattle (Enough with the initials)
Derisive nickname: Dirty Birds Seachickens Atlanta. (Started as a positive, but took a negative connotation after a while.)
Major sports championships: 1 2 Atlanta
Last title: 1995 (Braves) 1979 (Sonics) Seattle
Does that team still exist? Yes Yes, in Oklahoma City Seattle
Pro wrestler:

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Atlanta. Goldberg won WCW gold. But if "The Hammer" existed in today's WWE, he would have won the title.
College lament: Georgia the only big-time SEC to seemingly not win a national championship in recent years (I said big time, South Carolina) Oregon! That used to be you, Washington Atlanta.
Winner nobody roots for: Coca-Cola Starbucks Push
Did you know: The city of Atlanta as lost a pair of hockey teams (Flames, Thrashers) Seattle Metropolitans won the Stanley Cup in 1917 Seattle
Super Bowl appearance: Super Bowl XXXIII Super Bowl XL Push
Probably unfairly blamed for Super Bowl loss: Eugene Robinson The refs Atlanta
But really, it was: Too much Elway The refs Seattle
Best team to never win it: Every Braves team to not win it during the 90s 2001 Mariners Atlanta. Nobody took the Mariners seriously that year. Seriously, Brett Boone, right.
Do-over moment: Have Dominique Wilkins, not Cliff Levingston take the final shot against the Celtics Don't throw it to Ike Taylor Seattle
Recent gut punch: Braves have a 9.5 lead in the wild card on August 26, 2011, blows the lead on the final day Thunder in the NBA Finals Seattle
Sports demigod: Hank Aaron Ichiro Atlanta
Football legend: Deion Sanders Steve Largent Atlanta
Would of, could of, should of: Dale Murphy Shawn Kemp Seattle. Murphy just kind of faded away, but Kemp could have been one of the game's greatest.
Fans: Stole "tomahawk chop" from Florida State Registered on the Richter Scale Seattle
Lives in infamy: Jeff George Clay Bennett Seattle
Sports in movies: Danny Noonan as a homerun king in "The Sluggers Wife" Xavier McDaniel in "Singles" Seattle. Because if I'm not mistaken, Lloyd Dobler predicts the rise of MMA in "Say Anything."
The one who got away: Push. Can we say Matt Damon plays Matt Flynn, though?
But at least you didn't: Trade away Matt Ryan Give A-Rod $250 million Seattle


If you can't find it in your heart to root for the city of Seattle, you don't have a heart. Though, I can excuse you because of the possible thievery of the Sacramento Kings and some people's aversion to Pete Carroll (which I just don't get).

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