Greg McElroy insists New York Jets weren't a circus


Greg McElroy is taking the positive approach this time around.

The New York Jets quarterback made waves last year when he spoke of a "corrupt mind-set" inside a locker room filled with "extremely selfish individuals."

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That never sat well with Jets coach Rex Ryan, and one year later, McElroy is choosing softer words to describe a team he insists wasn't the carnival it appeared to be.

"It wasn't at all," McElroy told Sirius XM's Mad Dog Radio, via The Star-Ledger. "A lot of people assumed things (were) terrible. It wasn't the case."

McElroy's playing smart politics. He was on the edge of the roster a year ago as a rookie, but with Tim Tebow on the way out and Mark Sanchez coming off a disastrous campaign, McElroy stands a chance to emerge as the Jets' starter in 2013.

He's more careful with his words because of it.

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