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Redskins accuse Seattle Seahawks of cheap shots

  • By Kevin Patra
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Richard Sherman explained his side of the events leading to Sunday's postgame face shove courtesy of Trent Williams. Now Washington Redskins players are elucidating the frustrations behind the scuffle.

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"There was a cheap shot -- (Seahawks defensive end) Red Bryant tried to step on (Alfred Morris) after a play and hit him in the head," Redskins fullback Darrel Young said Monday, via USA Today. "Alfred Morris is one of the nicest guys you'll meet. ... When Alfred comes to the sideline cursing, you've got a problem because this is a kid who doesn't curse."

While the alleged stomp upset the team, it was Sherman, who is becoming infamous for his ability to get under the skin of opponents, who was the chippiest Seattle Seahawk.

According to Redskins players, Sherman and Williams started chirping at each other from the game's first play, when the Seahawks cornerback allegedly started talking smack to the Redskins sideline.

Sherman "was taunting Mike Shanahan on the sideline, telling Mike, 'You can't throw over here,' Young said. "I wanted to go over and punch him myself. ... I hope we got Seattle on our schedule next year."

Unfortunately, Darrel, the teams will not play in 2013 -- unless there is a playoff rematch. We can only hope.

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