Eagles selling Michael Vick, Nick Foles to Chip Kelly


It's long been assumed that Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles are set to part ways this offseason, but the potential hiring of Oregon coach Chip Kelly might alter the quarterback's fate.

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NFL.com's Ian Rapoport reported Sunday that the Eagles are selling Kelly on two major factors. First, a roster already stocked with the type of players the coach recruited at Oregon, including a handful of short, fast wideouts. Second, two in-house signal-callers who loom as decent fits to operate Kelly's up-tempo, spread attack.

Vick and Nick Foles would, indeed, give Kelly two unique quarterbacks to work with. Foles is raw but promising. Vick's best days have passed, but he's an intriguing fit for Kelly's option scheme and, on paper, a better proposition than Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy of the Cleveland Browns, the second team competing furiously with the Eagles to hire the innovative Oregon coach.

Without question, something the Eagles said Saturday clicked with Kelly. Their lunchtime meeting dragged on well into the night and hit the brakes on assumptions the Browns and Kelly are a sure thing.

If Philadelphia winds up with the top prize in this coaching derby, Vick's presence -- on a team that seemed ready to wave goodbye just days ago -- might wind up serving as a difference-maker.

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