Nick Saban not interested in NFL return, likes Alabama


The holiday season is not complete until Nick Saban comments on the NFL.

The University of Alabama coach will try to win a second consecutive BCS national championship Monday against Notre Dame, but he was asked Saturday if he'd return to the NFL.

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"I don't have any unfinished business in the NFL," Saban said, via the Chicago Tribune's Brian Hamilton. "It's not even something I want to do."

Everyone knows about Saban's unsuccessful two-year stint with the Miami Dolphins. Challenges always are intriguing, but it's no surprise Saban is content in Tuscaloosa, Ala. He's the highest-paid coach in college football ($5.3 million in 2012) and is king of the SEC (which makes him king of the South). Saban will recruit one of the top classes every year and doesn't have to deal with the drama of the professional realm.

The question will be asked every year as long as Saban still is an active coach. It doesn't sound like the answer will change any time soon.

Then again, never say never.

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