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Is Russell Wilson better than RG3?


The Seahawks and Redskins tilt on Sunday might be the most anticipated game of the Wild Card Weekend, and it's all because of the quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III. I'm not telling tales out of school with that proclamation, right?

So the comparisons between Wilson and RG3 are inevitable, even if the Redskins quarterback feels it is a little out of place.

"I don't play against quarterbacks. It's not my job to compare us. You guys will do that. … I hope you guys have fun."

Sounds like a challenge to me! Let's take them to the grid!

Player: Russell Wilson Robert Griffin III Give it to ...
Height: 5-11 6-2 RG3
Weight: 206 217 Push
Reach: 31" 32.25" RG3
40 time: 4.55 Lightning RG3
Cool fact: His late father, Harrison Wilson III, was once on the Chargers' practice squad Born in Japan RG3
College: NC State, Wisconsin Baylor Wilson. Well, he went to two colleges.
Honors: Set a record with 379 passes without an interception Heisman Trophy, Davey O'Brien Award (best college QB), among others RG3
GPA: 4.0 3.67 Wilson. Come RG3, just a 3.67? Slacker.
Nickname: Dangeruss Wilson RG3 Seriously? We really need to work on this. Where have you gone Night Train and Crazy Legs? Wait, I think we just renamed them!
Draft position: Third round Second overall RG3
Drafted behind: Donald Stephenson Andrew Luck RG3. The Colts probably won't regret the decision to take Luck with the first overall pick. Neither will the Chiefs, though. It's not like they could use a quarterback or anything.
Moment that defined them: Overtime win over the Bears in Week 13 RG3 rallies the Redskins, but ultimately loses in Week 7 Wilson. Most didn't believe the Seahawks could win on the road. The Seahawks not only won, but ultimately knocked the Bears out of the playoffs.
Prized record: Passing touchdowns for a rookie (26) Passer rating for a rookie (102.4) Wilson
Rushing sidekick: Marshawn Lynch Alfred Morris Wilson. Yes, Morris has been awesome and in any other year is the rookie of the year. But Lynch is playoff tested. Remember?
First player to: Lead the league in home passer rating as a rookie Have a roman numeral on his jersey Wilson. Although, the roman numeral thing is pretty cool.
Does he have the top-selling jersey? No Yes RG3
Twitter followers: 138K 654K RG3. The fact both of them have less followers than Kim Kardashian makes me sad.
Comic book equivalent: The Green Arrow The Hulk RG3. Even as a DC guy myself, I have to give this one to RG3.
Second sport: Baseball Track Wilson. He played minor league baseball and he even figured his future was on the diamond.
Endorsements: Levi's Adidas, Subway, Gatorade RG3
Favorite TV show: "Entourage" Does he even watch TV? RG3. Anything other than "Entourage."
Who would play him in a movie based on his life: Connor Cruise Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) Push. Can we say Matt Damon plays Matt Flynn, though?
Inspiration/mentor: Warren Moon Jack Kirby and Stan Lee Wilson. Mostly because none of you are going to get the Jack Kirby reference.
Motto: No time to sleep No pressure, no diamonds Push. As in pushing the cliché meter.
Leadership style: Pacesetter Authoritative Push


Griffin takes the breakdown, but we should know better than to count out Wilson by now.

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