Take down ATL in the Fantasy Playoff Challenge


In a former life, I wrote about fantasy football. I never used the word "expert" because I quickly learned there are no right answers, just information.

Plus the average fantasy player knows more than guys like Elliot Harrison anyhow. (Kidding. Sort of. Hoping he doesn't read this.)

I always enjoyed playoff fantasy football. It's the methodone drip to ease you off an addictive season. Plus it's a combination of fantasy football and picking a real-life winning team. In the NFL's Fantasy Playoff Challenge, you ride with one team of players for the entire playoff run.

If you draft Andre Johnson and he loses this weekend, he's done for the rest of the playoffs. You want to take guys that play multiple games. The motherlode: Drafting a player on a wild-card team that goes all the way to the Super Bowl.

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That's partly why I loaded up my team with Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings) and Seattle Seahawks (Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks defense). I'm hedging a bit, but there's a good chance one of those teams makes it all the way.

You can see my picks right here and compete against all of the Around the League writers. The winner of the playoff challenge goes to the Super Bowl next season in New York.

If nothing else, you can try to beat the ATL crew. If Dan Hanzus comes in last place again, you might get to join the ATL crew.

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