Brandon Jacobs waived by San Francisco 49ers


Brandon Jacobs' three-game suspension is over. So is his San Francisco 49ers career.

Niners coach Jim Harbaugh indicated at his Monday news conference that the team would waive Jacobs, and the move was made official shortly after.

The eight-year NFL veteran had just five carries on the season and was suspended after writing negative comments about the 49ers on Instagram. Despite an injury to backup running back Kendall Hunter, the team has no use for Jacobs. He also can't join another team until after the playoffs.

Jacobs has said he only will play for one team in the future: the New York Giants. That means his NFL career very likely is over.

The 49ers have more important things to worry about heading into a bye week, starting with their kicker position, since David Akers is struggling. Harbaugh confirmed the team plans to bring in kickers for tryouts.

"We'll evaluate the position," Harbaugh said Sunday. "It's his (Akers') job to make the field goals. And it's not to his standard."

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