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Who wins in the battle of the Pro Bowl rosters?


The Pro Bowl rosters have been revealed and after we settle all of the debates of who should be here, who didn't deserve to be here, the one conversation we never have is who has the best roster?

We could use things like statistics to try to settle this. But where is the fun in that? Let's break this down unscientifically as we take this to the grid!

And who knows, maybe the Gridiron Breakdown will be used next year to settle the Pro Bowl, too.

And without further ado ...

Conference: AFC NFC Give it to ...
Super Bowl MVPs: 2 1 The AFC. The NFC is missing out with Drew Brees and Eli Manning left off the roster. Otherwise, this would have shifted to the NFC.
Record breaker: Peyton Manning sets records for comebacks Calvin Johnson eclipses Jerry Rice's record for single-season receiving yards The NFC. Megatron could crack 2,000 receiving yards this year, and we haven't even mentioned Adrian Peterson.
Best celebrity endorsments: Pretty much everything by Peyton Manning  Discount Double Check The NFC. Between RG3 and the Packers commercials, you have to give them the edge. Plus Tom Brady has some questionable endorsements with Ugg boots and the Dodge Dart. And Peyton Manning doesn't even endorse the high-end Buick, either.
Most Superheroes: None Three The NFC. The NFC has the Hulk (RG3), Wolverine (Adrian Peterson) and Megatron (Calvin Johnson).
Best returns: Peyton Manning Adrian Peterson The AFC. Manning has been remarkable, but you can't debate what Peterson has been able to do. The AFC though, gets the nod because you combine Manning with Charles.
Best nickname for a player: J.J. Swatt Megatron The NFC. Megatron might be the best nickname of anybody going. The NFC almost blew this because of the Matty Ice nickname, though.
Biggest snub: C.J. Spiller Drew Brees, Cam Newton The NFC. Seriously, Drew Brees.
Rookie who didn't make it: Andrew Luck Russell Wilson The NFC. Luck has been fantastic. But Wilson is the clear-cut Rookie of the Year, and he deserves to be in the conversation for MVP, too.
Best endzone celebration*: The Gronk Spike Gonzo Dunk The AFC. Being able to execute a proper spike is not as easy as it appears. Just ask Danny Amendola. *Obviously the Lambeau Leap was not allowed into the discussion to make this fair.
Best Twitter personality: Arian Foster RG3 The AFC. RG3 is good, as you would expect for a guy his age, but Foster is pretty engaging and his "anti-awesome" tweet about his hamstring last season was great.


There you have it, the NFC wins it. You don't even need to play the game now.

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