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Mark Sanchez reportedly will be a New York Jet in 2013


With Mark Sanchez benched, Greg McElroy promoted and Tim Tebow hovering in his own personal purgatory, the New York Jets' quarterback situation is anything but solidified for 2013. Many assume Sanchez will be gone after a horrendous 2012 in which he eventually lost his job.

As Lee Corso would say: Not so fast, my friend.

Two sources told Newsday's Bob Glauber that Sanchez will remain a Jet next season.

There aren't a ton of teams out there clamoring for Sanchez, his $8.25 million 2013 salary and those 17 interceptions he threw. Greg McElroy might be getting his shot Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, but he's probably not the quarterback of the future in New York. Tebow obviously isn't. And Jets coach Rex Ryan already denied the trade talk.

With all those uncertainties, it's not a stretch to picture Sanchez wearing green and white next year.

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