Week 16 NFL playoff scenarios


Clinched: New England (East); Denver (West); Houston (South); Baltimore (playoff berth)

HOUSTON TEXANS (lost 23-6 vs. Vikings)
Houston clinches a first-round bye with:
1) DEN loss

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Baltimore clinches AFC North division with:
1) BAL win

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (won 20-13 vs. Chiefs)
Indianapolis clinched a playoff spot.

CINCINNATI BENGALS (won 13-10 vs. Steelers)
Cincinnati clinched a playoff spot.


ATLANTA FALCONS: Clinched home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs.

Clinched: Green Bay (North); San Francisco (playoff berth)

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SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (at Seattle)
San Francisco clinches NFC West division with:
1) SF win or tie

WASHINGTON REDSKINS (won 27-20 vs. Eagles)
Washington cannot clinch a playoff spot in Week 16.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (vs. San Francisco)
Seattle clinches a playoff spot with:
1) SEA win

NEW YORK GIANTS (at Baltimore)
New York cannot clinch a playoff spot in Week 16.