John Abraham believes he can sack way to Hall of Fame


The Atlanta Falcons have one future Hall of Famer on their roster in tight end Tony Gonzalez. Could John Abraham be a second?

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Your first instinct is likely, "No." Possibly, "Hell no." This is understandable. Abraham has been a productive pass-rusher during his 13-year career, but you're unlikely to hear his name invoked in discussion on the dominant defenders of his generation.

Abraham is an impressive compiler, however. He has 122 sacks in his NFL career, including 10 this season. As he moves up the all-time list, could he make a compelling case for enshrinement?

"I'm not saying I'm solidified as (a Hall of Famer), but I definitely have a chance to be if I continue to play the way I'm playing and get a couple of more years out of this raggedy body of mine and put some more numbers up," Abraham told USA Today on Friday. "I'm 13th overall right now (in career sacks) and, if I can play well enough, I can get in the top 10 or top five. That would be nice."

A look at the all-time list tells us he has a very good shot of getting into the top five if he plays another couple of years. Up next is former Kansas City Chiefs great Derrick Thomas, who had 126.5 sacks. Abraham is only 15 away from moving past Michael Strahan and into the top five.

A foreboding figure in Abraham's quest is Kevin Greene, who is third all-time with 160 sacks but has been largely ignored as a Hall candidate. Like Abraham, Greene was known for getting to the quarterback and not much else.

That trait will get you paid and keep you employed, but it's not an automatic ticket to Canton.

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