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Peyton Manning greets travelers at Denver airport


Statement Sunday

Christmas comes early for NFL fans. There are six Week 15 games with major postseason implications. Take a closer look at these pivotal matchups:

» Giants at Falcons
» Broncos at Ravens
» Packers at Bears
» Colts at Texans
» Steelers at Cowboys
» 49ers at Patriots

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Some laughed at the insinuation that Peyton Manning should be in the running for Coach of the Year, but the future Hall of Famer has been much more than just a quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He has the Broncos at 10-3 and angling for a first-round bye in the playoffs; he's slinging Papa John's pizzas to his new fans; he's even working at the airport.

Passengers traveling through Denver International Airport through Jan. 2 will be greeted by Manning when they step on trains cars passing through the airport.

"Welcome to the Mile High City," Manning says on a recording, The Denver Post reported.

Manning replaces the message normally delivered by Denver mayor Michael Hancock.

"For the holidays, I am handing off this very important duty of greeting visitors to our great city to someone known for the best audibles in the business," Hancock said. "Peyton Manning earned this call by going long in his efforts to take the Broncos to another AFC West championship.

"We'll be cheering on him and the team as they drive toward another Super Bowl!"

What else does Manning do in Denver?

Will he fly the plane to Baltimore for Sunday's game?

Is he cooking the team meals?

Does he do tune-ups in the Mile High parking lot for walking around money?

Is he counseling the Nuggets' JaVale McGee?

The possibilities are endless.

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