ATL Buzz Report: Where Lindsanity will live forever


Each week, Dan Hanzus sifts through the pro football landscape to bring you sublime subplots of NFL life. Some of it he loves. Some he does not. Other stuff, he can't quite decide. The ATL Buzz Report.

the sweetness
  • Sample 1

    1. Hands off, AD

    Kudos to Eric Dickerson, who's unafraid to say he doesn't want Adrian Peterson breaking his NFL single-season rushing record. Seriously, why would he?

  • Sample 2

    2. Idiot savant

    After Braylon Edwards called the Jets' decision-makers "idiots," the Jets' decision-makers signed Braylon Edwards. There's an insane logic to all of this.

  • Sample 3

    3. Kluwe needs a stage

    Let's face it: Chris Kluwe clearly wants a reality show. Between his gay and Guy rights agendas, how could this not be an offseason hit for NFL Network? Make it happen.

  • Sample 4

    4. Flip the script

    David Wilson says doing backflips after scoring touchdowns is as easy as walking for him. Clearly, there's no way anything could go wrong in this situation.

  • Sample 5

    5. Must...find...time machine

    Bills general manager Buddy Nix believes the time is now to trade up for a quarterback in the draft. It actually was last year, but who's keeping track, right?

  • Sample 6

    6. Stafford the G.O.A.T.?

    Matthew Stafford is "definitely on track" to be one of the best quarterbacks ever, according to his offensive coordinator. Matt's mother also believes this.

  • Sample 7

    7. Lindsanity is back!

    Ryan Lindley got his starting job back in Arizona despite a Week 13 start in which he didn't convert a third down. Ken Whisenhunt lives in perpetual darkness.

  • Sample 8

    8. Big Ben's bold claim

    With "America's Team" up next, Ben Roethlisberger said the Steelers are the "World's Team." We're sure the people of Kenya agree.

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