Expect more no-huddle offense from Baltimore Ravens


Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he didn't fire offensive coordinator Cam Cameron because of Sunday's overtime loss to the Washington Redskins.

Harbaugh's gutsy decision
Ravens coach John Harbaugh made a risky move by firing his offensive coordinator so late in the season, Gregg Rosenthal writes. More ...

"It's not that," Harbaugh said Monday.

So what prompted the risky, uncharacteristic move?

It sure sounds like the Ravens want to use the no-huddle offense more consistently. Quarterback Joe Flacco complained in recent weeks that the Ravens went away from the concept. Flacco and Cameron reportedly didn't have the best relationship, but that seems secondary to Harbaugh's desire to play up-tempo football.

New coordinator Jim Caldwell hasn't called plays since he was a college coach, but Harbaugh cited Caldwell's experience in the Indianapolis Colts' no-huddle offense.

"I think you guys all know, you've been around Jim all year, you know what kind of coach he is, what kind of offense (he) ran in the past," Harbaugh said. "All those things apply."

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Perhaps Cameron wasn't on board with the no-huddle attack. The Ravens weren't consistent in its usage, and they didn't seem to embrace the concept. Caldwell said he won't change the offense, but tweaks will be made.

Expect to see Flacco running the show, with a huddle, more than ever.

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