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Russell Wilson's studying impresses Seattle Seahawks


Russell Wilson's steady improvement hasn't received enough attention this season.

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The Seattle Seahawk has thrown more touchdown passes than any other rookie quarterback. Wilson is making throws he didn't earlier this season and, more importantly, we don't see him repeating his mistakes.

None of this is by chance. Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports followed Wilson around this week and found it difficult to spend time with the quarterback because he was sneaking away constantly to watch tape.

"Why, I think he's there right now," wide receiver Sidney Rice said during an hour-long break before practice.

"To be honest, the person you see in the media is the same guy we see in the locker room," center Max Unger said. "That's real. The way he conducts himself is strictly business."

Tales of obsessive film study typically are left for the veterans -- Tom Brady and Peyton Manning types -- but Wilson acknowledged he takes "copious notes." It makes the events of last spring less mysterious.

When Seahawks coach Pete Carroll awarded Wilson equal playing time in minicamp, it was seen by some as a cute move. Maybe too cute. But Wilson has spent a lifetime converting the doubters.

"It's genuine," Carroll said. "He's almost too good to be true."

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