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Jim Schwartz blasts Titus Young, exiled Detroit Lion


What little support remains for Titus Young inside the Detroit Lions' organization appears to be fading fast.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz told on Wednesday that his exiled wide receiver is scheduled for upcoming knee surgery, "unless he doesn't show up for it."

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Chalk it up as a not-so-subtle jab at Young, who was placed on injured reserve this week, putting an end to one of the more troubling sophomore outings in Lions history. Young hasn't played in a game since Week 12, when he agitated coaches by lining up in the wrong place on the field multiple times against the Green Bay Packers -- and reportedly doing so on purpose.

The knee wasn't known to be a major problem for Young, but his behavior was. The Lions gave him more than one chance to return and make good, but Young's attitude remained cancerous, and it's highly unlikely he'll play another game for Detroit.

The knee will heal. The reputation is another story.

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