Dan Snyder animated after Washington Redskins' win

Robert Griffin III has brought a new level of excitement and competition into the NFC East. If the two games between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants are a preview of what's to come, we hope this game is on in prime time for years to come.

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The game just means a little more. That's why there are skirmishes and accusations of being kicked in the "nuts." There is animosity between the organizations at the highest level, with the Redskins reportedly upset about some offseason comments made by Giants co-owner John Mara.

That's why Monday night's 17-16 win over the Giants meant a little extra to Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

"I hate those mother(expletive)," Snyder was heard saying to a staffer in the Redskins' locker room, via USA Today Sports.

Awesome. Let's just hope we get RG3-Eli III in the first round of the playoffs.

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