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Can Robert Griffin III keep pace with Andrew Luck, rookie QBs?


Not a bad week for rookie quarterbacks, huh?

Brandon Weeden gives the Cleveland Browns their first win in the Pacific Time Zone since 2006. Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks beat the Chicago Bears. In Chicago. In overtime.

Rookie quarterbacks will win more games in 2012 than any season since 1950. This is a seminal year, for the position and maybe the league.

You heard of this kid Andrew Luck? He's already won more games than any rookie not named Otto Graham.

Four touchdowns for the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. The last beat the Detroit Lions. On the road. As time expired.

Like I said, not a bad week.

It's not over, though. Monday night, Robert Griffin III gets to return Luck's favor.

I know; there's no rivalry.

I mean, it's not like they're Bird and Magic. They never played in college. They don't have to "save" the NFL. And, thank goodness, the racial calculus has changed since 1979.

Still, when was the last time you saw two guys come in with this kind of hype and exceed it? Both of them. Every expectation.

The guy who took Peyton's place? He's got eight wins. The other guy's got stats no one ever heard of.

One throws for 433 yards. The other? Four touchdowns.

Two weeks in a row.

Brady and Rodgers? You know what they do. But Andrew and Bob? You don't know. They don't know.

Hey, RG3, I said you'd win in Dallas. But that's awhile ago now.

What do you got Monday night?

What do you got for Andrew Luck?

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